What’s It Like Being a Process Server

Process Server Jobs

Quick Steps to Process Server Employment

Becoming a service process agent is an exciting move. You will be helping the court system out by doing the single most important task in any legal case. Serving a summons or other document to an individual in a court case is the most essential part of doing the law’s due process.

If you want to get process server employment, you can start right away. As long as you are 18 years old, you do not even need to have a college degree to become a server. Follow your state’s rules to become one and then get process server employment.
The first step is to be trained. Many universities or sheriff’s offices offer training. In some states, you can become a server right away as long as you are a resident. You may only need to pay a registration fee. Some states require certification and this can only be obtained after getting the proper training and passing an exam.
You have to have a driver’s license and you should also have liability insurance before you seek employment. You could also start your own business if you want to. You must pass a background check for any employment. You must be sure you understand your state laws and all federal laws.
Choices for employment include working for law offices, legal services, an private investigators. You can also find work at a process serving company. Be sure you can do basic office administration tasks like operating a copy machine or a printer and a scanner. You are in charge of delivering documents to parties to legal cases and these usually require multiple copies.
There are many online job listings that will allow you to find a job near you. This is a rewarding career that allows you to get a decent salary.
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