How Much Does a Process Server Make


How Much Is The Average Process Server Salary?

If you want to work for a lawyer, you may want to start with becoming a process server. You will be required to deliver certain types of paperwork. This could take you to a local courthouse, or you may be sent to deliver paperwork that is going to be served. All of these components of the job are going to get you out in the field. Although you will spend some time in the office, most of the work that you are going to do will be about traveling and working with this paperwork. The average process server salary can fluctuate depending upon where you live.

How Much They Make When They Start Out?

The amount of money that they make when they start is typically about $40,000 year. If you have some prior experience, it could be significantly higher. The longer that you work for an attorney, the more money you will make. It also depends on what your responsibilities are. They can peek at about $70,000 a year, but this is typically for people that been in the profession for over a decade. The longer that you stick with it, the more money are going to make with a company that you choose to work with.
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How Long Will It Be Before Your First Raise?

The first raise that you receive will likely be after a few months. From there, it should be relatively regular. You may start to see more money per month, or you could receive a bonus for the work that you are doing. Some of these businesses will pay based upon performance, whereas others are strictly focused on how long you have remained with their company. Either way, your process server salary is going to average about $50,000 a year when you first start out, and make substantially more the longer that you stay with a law firm.
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How Much Does a Process Server Make?

Posted by Process Server Jobs on Tuesday, April 6, 2021