Legal Process Server Jobs

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Process Server Jobs
Process Server Jobs paid this to me in April 2018.


My Name is Lance Casey and I am a process Server in California.

Process Server Jobs

I run my own process server business.  You can check me out by searching “Lance Casey & Associate” in Google.  I made over $800 in one day working for myself as an Independent Process Server.  Not working for someone else.

Legal Process Server Jobs

We are looking for smart, independent, and personable people to deliver legal documents in Your area. Set your own hours, drive your own results, and earn on average $35 an hour and get paid weekly. You drive your car and set your own schedule. We provide everything else.

We will provide, process server resourcesonline training, process server leads and support along with a great Mobile app (which helps record all your work, track your pay, and even map your stops).

The key to success in earnings is simple:


  • Be organized. Plan your route.
  • Go when people are likely to be home.
  • Be pleasant and personable with the people you meet and to whom you deliver documents.


This is great for people who like to drive and be on the road but don’t necessarily want a bunch of passengers in their car. Many independent process servers make over $75,000 a year – some more than $100,000.

We will email documents for you to print, and / or overnight legal documents straight to your house. No need to come to our office. You decide when to work and how much to work. This can be full-time or a part-time supplement to existing income.


Our Independent Process Servers:


  • Entrepreneurial mindset
  • You take pride in your work and you can connect with people, in person, on their doorstep.
  • A desire to work variable hours, early mornings, evenings and weekends are when folks are home and when there is less traffic.
  • Must have your own reliable transportation, driver license and insurance.
  • Mobile App Aptitude – Everything is done in our mobile app in the field.


You MUST meet the following requirements and we do require a copy on file.


  • Registered Process Server if required in your state
  • Bonded
  • Smart Phone
  • Valid Driver’s License
  • Current Auto Insurance
  • Available by phone daily



We understand that Process Serving takes time and patience. This is why we pay our contract process servers for each individual job.

Our contract process servers receive compensation for:

(1) we compensates our contractors for making four diligent service attempts. Attempts MUST be made on different days at various hours of the day as applicable by law.  We require the first 3 attempts to be Early morning, Mid-Day and Late evening. (2) We pay for same day and 24 hour RUSH requests (4) In order to receive compensation for a stake-out/surveillance assignment, we must provide our contractor with prior authorization.

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I will contact you via email to schedule the one on one strategy session.

I will help you find a local niche market for your process server business.

Free Strategy Session May Include The Following Topics:

  • Process Server Laws and Licensing requirements by state
  • How To Set Up Your Process Serving Business
  • How to market a successful process serving business
  • How To Get Clients – marketing, videos
  • How To Serve Legal Papers
  • Process Server Systems Needed To Run Your Business
  • How To create a process server website for your business
  • Process Server Niche Marketing
  • Do Reviews help Process Serving Business.
  • How To Dominate Your Local Market
  • How Much To Charge For Process Service
  • PPC – Pay Per Click Advertising Tips
  • How To Automate your process server business
  • How To Skip Trace and Charge More Money
  • Courthouse Money Tips – How To Make Money Going To Court.
  • How To Fill Out The Paperwork, Proof of service, affidavit of service.
  • Cold Calling Leeds
  • How To Get Your process server business listed on Google
  • How To Get Your process server business listed on Yelp

Marketing your process server business

Marketing is the most important part of running a successful process server business.  You have to market to get customers to call you or fill out a contact form on your website.


Here is what I do to market my process server business:

  • Google Adwords

  • Bing Adwords

  • Facebook Marketing

  • Linkedin Marketing

  • Video Marketing

  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

  • Email Marketing

Is This You?

I don’t want to do any marketing.  It’s too hard and expensive.  I just want my phone to ring with customers.  I am willing to pay someone to make my phone ring with customers.

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